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West Orange Mezuzah, Torah Scrolls and Tefillin
West Orange Mezuzah, Torah Scrolls and Tefillin
West Orange Mezuzah, Torah Scrolls and Tefillin
West Orange Mezuzah, Torah Scrolls and Tefillin

Located in Teaneck serving West Orange and surrounding areas

About NJ Sofer

I am a yirat shamamim, shomer Shabbat, Sofer STaM, certified by the Va’ad Mishmeret STaM. I provide STaM products and services necessary for Orthodox individuals, businesses, schools, and shuls.

If you are seeking a certified Sofer who can repair or replace the klaf of your mezuzah or tefillin, NJ Sofer is here to help you. Our work is valued for its display of technique and also the holiness we confer onto all the objects we craft. Contact us at (530) 763-3722 today.

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Certified Sofer: STaM certified by the Va’ad Mismermet STAM.

Affordable STaM Products: Proud provider of STaM products and services for shuls, schools, personal dwellings, and places of business.

We Use Handmade Quills: No Pens, Pencils, or Metal.

We Will Ensure Your Mezuzah Is Kosher

The Kitzur Schulchan Aruch states that your home’s Mezuzot should be checked on a yearly basis at the very least, though once every three years is also suitable.

As you well know, not just anyone can check your mezuzah and the encased klav. To preserve the holiness and sanctity of your mezuzah, it must be checked by a Sofer whose every gesture during the inspection, repair, and process of creation is engendered with the holiness of G-d.

For that, you can always rely on NJ Sofer.

We Help You Avoid Mezuzah Replacement Whenever Possible

A neglected mezuzah can incur much wear and tear as the years pass by, even if left untouched by family and visitors. Small cracks may form in the crown, or the letters on the parchment, and moisture might even be a risk of damaging the scroll.

If you call us, we can make sure your mezuzah is still kosher, properly affixed, and well-maintained.

Tefillin and Mezuzah House Calls: We Come to You

Rather than have you come to us, we come to you.

After you choose the most convenient time for a visit, we will come to your home, shul, school, or business and inspect all the mezuzot on the premises—even the exterior mezuzot. All our work is done on-site, meaning you never have to part with any of your mezuzot for a single moment.

To set up your appointment, call us at (530) 763-3722 today. We are always ready to take your call.

We Provide Proper Mezuzah Placement

The process of affixing your mezuzah to the wall is something that should only be entrusted to a certified STaM Sofer such as us. We are Sofer STaM certified by the Va’ad Mishmermet STAM.

Your mezuzah should always be affixed to the right side of your door, or one the right doorpost—but that’s not all. The height at which the mezuzah is placed is also important.

Are you a homeowner whose doorframe does not allow for the mounting of a mezuzah? This is common, and that’s why we have a variety of widely-accepted alternative solutions to share with you.

The Jewish Scribes Whose Practices Are Rooted in Tradition

While our techniques and fine equipment ensure beautiful looking script, it is the purity of our intent which governs the quality of our work. From our daily rituals to the serene space in which we work, we never lose sight of our holy intentions. Call us at (530) 763-3722 today.