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As Sofers, our work isn’t just about repairing mezuzot or creating an attractive looking batim for your tefillin. It is about ensuring that your sacred objects are produced and maintained with the holiest of intent. At NJ Sofer, that is exactly what we do. Contact us today at (530) 763-3722 to request our Sofer services.

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The Certified STaM Sofers For Your Mezuzot, Tefillin, and More

We believe in providing our fellow community members with the best services and care possible. In an effort to provide such exemplary service we have gone great lengths to familiarize ourselves with the age-old practices of the Jewish Scribe.

We are Sofer STaM certified by the Va’ad Mishmermet STAM, which means we are more than just copyists or simple inscribers. If the Jewish people are the People of the Book, then Sofers are scholars tasked to facilitate, educate, and engender the lives of the people with the holy word of that book.

Whether you are looking for a Sofer to carefully prepare your mezuzah or your tefillin, we can help you. All you have to do is call us.

Why Offer Mezuzah House Calls?

We offer house calls for our clients because we value their time. Valuing your limited free time is also why we are more than willing to work around your schedule. With this service, you do not have to waste time commuting across town, and the appointment is scheduled at a time most convenient for you.

Another reason we perform house calls is to ensure that your mezuzah is appropriately affixed to your doorpost. While this might seem like a simple process, there are actually many steps to consider.

The mezuzah is of biblical origin, so improper placement, improper construction, or minor damages can render it no longer kosher and no longer sacred. With our assistance, your mezuzah will be properly fixed during the first thirty days in your new home.

Tefillin Repair and Refurbishment Services at an Affordable Rate

We work hard to make sure our services are affordable to everyone in our community.

Our Techniques Are Carried out with Religious Devotion and Great Care

Most of our work on mezuzot and tefillin are done onsite, ensuring that you do not have to part with your sacred objects. This is a benefit that our clients appreciate, and it is something we pride ourselves on.

Mezuzah Replacement Is More Than Just Craftsmanship

We inscribe the mezuzah and tefillin’s prayers on the appropriate kosher parchment using handmade quills. This isn’t just to make the script attractive though. It is about imbuing your objects with holiness.

Contact the Certified STaM Sofer at NJ Sofer Today

To ensure that your mezuzot or tefillin are always kosher and crafted with a devout level of care, contact us today. As certified Sofers who have undergone years of education and training, we are more than qualified to be of assistance. Request our services at (530) 763-3722 today.