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Mezuzah House Call

We set up an appointment for me to come to your house (or business, shul, or school) at your convenience. All work is done on site. Mezuzot are taken down, checked, fixed if necessary, and put back up if they are kosher. Pasul mezuzot are replaced with kosher mezuzot at the hidur level appropriate for the room. (I have a selection of mezuzot of various writing styles, sizes, and hidur levels with me, and you can select the one(s) you would like to purchase).

Placement of mezuzot is checked and corrected if necessary. Doors missing mezuzot are addressed, as well as areas that have a mezuzah which is not required.

Mezuzot on exterior doors are heat-sealed in a plastic sleeve, and will be put into an outdoor mezuzah case if they are not already.

Mezuzah house calls need to be scheduled in advance.

Mezuzah house calls are $14/mezuzah in Bergen County, and are $15/mezuzah outside of Bergen County, plus bridge and tunnel tolls and/or parking expenses, if applicable.