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If you are seeking a StaM certified Sofer who specializes in house calls for your tefillin, contact NJ Sofer today. Our work is guided by the principals of our faith. Every action is performed with a purity of intention sought by devout individuals near and fear. Contact us at (530) 763-3722 to request our services.

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Tefillin Checking: Only Trust a Certified STaM Sofer

Take to heart these … Recite them when you stay at home and when you are away, when you lie down and when you get up. Bind them as a sign on your hand and let them serve as a frontlet between your eyes.
– Deuteronomy 6:5-8

Though the tefillin is an incredibly powerful mitzvah, both its longevity and sanctity rest in the hands of the Sofer who creates, inspects, or repairs your tefillin. It is of the utmost importance that your Batim, Parshios, and Retzuot meet the thousands of requirements specified in Jewish Law.

To ensure that all those requirements are met, we invite you to contact us. Whether you are seeking a Sofer who can inspect your tefillin or construct one for a family member’s Bar Mitzvah, we can help you. We are Sofer STaM certified by the Va’ad mishermet STAM, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Tefillin House Calls: Let Us Come to Your Dwelling

To make the process of securing your tefillin easier, we perform house calls for all our clients.

While a properly made tefillin needs to be inspected often, one inferior quality most certainly needs immediate attention. If the seal has broken or any of the thousand pieces of parchment are damaged, the item is useless. If paint is peeling from your battim, that is also a sign of unnecessary wear and tear and should be corrected immediately.

The Jewish Scribe Who Crafts Your Tefillin and Parshios with Care and Devotion

While their craftsmanship is important, what is most important is the holiness conferred upon the object by the Sofer. This level of devotion is beyond integral to the process, and that is why we go to great lengths to ensure your tefillin is engendered with the holiness of G-d.

With a handmade quill, we write on each of the thousands of letters by hand, and we perform these services in a quiet workspace free of distractions.

Refurbishing Tefillin and Tefillin Repairs: We Will Inspect and Correct Your Tefillin Parshios for You

If you’ve detected problems with your tefillin or you are concerned that its integrity has been compromised, we can help you. Our repairs are performed with a patient hand.

Tefillin Strap Replacement: Always Make Sure You Practice Proper Prayer

Though a tefillin should last upwards of 60 or 70 years, its straps tend to wear over time. If new straps are what you seek, contact us. We will also provide you or your family member with advice on how to both care for the straps and keep them kosher.

Contact NJ Sofer Today for Lechatchila Kosher Tefillin Services

Don’t let a poorly crafted tefillin impede your morning prayer ritual. Book your house call today by contacting us at (530) 763-3722. We look forward to hearing from you.