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Torah Scrolls

If you are looking for a certified STaM Sofer who can write the holy text of the Torah onto your mezuzah scrolls, contact NJ Sofer. We are proficient in all the aspects that go into creating kosher and correct scrolls. To request our services, we can be reached at (530) 763-3722.

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Sefer Torah Writing: Are You in Search of a Scribe?

Two portions of Deuteronomy are inscribed on the Mezuzah parchment scroll that is mounted on the right side of your doorpost. The scroll’s parchment—known as a klaf—is handmade from the skin of a kosher animal.

As you well know, the mezuzah’s 713 letters can only be written by a religiously devout and highly trained Sofer (scribe). This process requires intense concentration in an environment designed to invite holiness.

But it is also necessary for your scroll and all STaM products to be inspected after the inscription is complete. In order for your scroll to be conventional and kosher, every single letter must be inscribed by a specially trained and knowledgeable individual. Every letter must showcase its halachic characteristics, and no letter can be unclear or out of place.

That is where we come in. We are Sofer STaM certified by the Va’ad Mishmermet STAM and we are available when you need your aged mezuzah inspected for deterioration and decay.

We Perform Mezuzah House Calls for Your Added Convenience

Rather than have you ship the mezuzot of your home to us, we offer a more convenient alternative.

For an affordable rate, we will come to your home and inspect each mezuzah and its respective scroll very carefully. From there we will be able to expertly dismount the mezuzah.

While still in your dwelling, we will check the veracity of the inscribed prayers. Pasul mezuzot are replaced with kosher mezuzot if need be. The placement of the mezuzot can also be corrected if needed and we will check to see if any more mezuzot need to be placed around your home.

Our Torah Scrolls Are Checked by Another Sofer STaM

To ensure complete veracity and accuracy, our scrolls and STaM materials are all inspected and approved by a fellow STaM scribe.

Scroll Repair: We Practice Mezuzah Repair and Mezuzah Replacement with Great Care

Using our custom-made quills, we can expertly rewrite and replace your existing scrolls if they have deteriorated.

Not only are these scrolls written with the most delicate and patient hand, but they’re also engendered with a holiness cultivated through years of devotion. Our craftsmanship might be remarkable, but it is the purity of our intention that imbues the parchment with the spirit of G-d.

The Jewish Scribes You Can Count On

Your dwelling is a holy place, and the mezuzah serves as a reminder to that fact. To ensure that your mezuzot and their scrolls are kosher and free from damage, contact NJ Sofer today. We look forward to hearing from you.